Your all answer should start with "W" only

Try to solve it
Your all answer should start with "W" only
1. We all drink __
2. A colour __
3. A dry fruit__
4. A direction__
5. Marriage__
6. Vehicles have__
7. Seven days__
8. Buildings have__
9. Purse__
10. Fight__
11. March 8__
12. Aquatic mammal__
13. Salary__
14. Exercise__
15. Health is ___
16. Opposite of length__
17. An app__
18. A week day__
19. Where goods are stored__
20. Place for storing clothes__
21. A term used in cricket__
22. A wild animal__
23. Selling goods in large quantities__
24. 2/3 of earth is__
25. Earth__
26. Spider's house__
27. A fruit__
28. A body part__
29. Clock__
30. Guard__

Can you complete this?

Complete this 6 Letter word _h_a_t

Complete this 6 letter word:
_ h _ a _ t

1. Girls love it.
2. Boys like it.
3. Parents respect it.

You are brilliant if you say the answer within today..... reply me as fast as you can
You can send it to your friends to get the answer.!


Isse aise set karo ki yeh 1 Romantic word ban jaaye y t a m r h e

y t a m r h e

इन्हे ऎसे सेट करो की ये 1 रोमांटिक वर्ड बन जाये
और ये वही कर सकता है जो किसी से सच्चा प्यार करता
चैलेंज फॉर यू.....

Ek Mulga aani Mulgi Gaadi varun Jaat astat

जो उत्तर देइल तो बादशाह

1 मुलगा आणि एक मुलगी गाडीवरून जात असतात चौकात पोलिस त्यांना थांबवतो आणि विचारतो तुमचे नाते काय?

मुलगा सांगतो

हीचा सासरा माझ्या सासरयाचा बाप आहे
नांत काय????

3 तासात सांगा

- English Version -

A Man and Woman were travelling on a bike.

The Traffic police stops them at a signal.

He asks them How are they related.

So the boy answers;

“Her father-in-law is my father-in-law’s father”.

Can you find out how they are related?

Identify the Ramayana Characters Whatsapp Emoji Quiz


Identify the Ramayana Characters Whatsapp Emoji Quiz

Identify the Ramayana Characters
Identify the Ramayan Characters name from the given Whatsapp Emoticons / Emojis / Symbols and give your answers in the comments.

Identify the ramayana characters

1) ��?��?
2) �� ta
3) ��✒��
4) ����
5) ®��
6)���� ta
7) ������
8) ✋��ta
9) 〽®☕
10) ��s��
11) ✋✋
12) ����®��?

Copy the Quiz with Emoticons from The Comment below and share on Whatsapp.

1 Rupaye ki 40 Chidiya.. Batao 100 Rupaye mein 100 Pakshi kaise aayenge ?

1 रूपये की 40 चिड़िया
3 रूपये का 1 कबुतर
5 रूपये का 1 मुर्गा
बताओ 100 रूपये में 100 पक्षी कैसे आएंगे ?

Challenge 4 Cricket Lovers

Agar Kisi Team Ko Last Ball Per 1 Run Win Karny K Liay Chaheay
Aur Us K 9 Out Ho Chuky Hon Yani Last Wickt Ho.
Aur Wide Ball Per Stump Hojaey
To Kya Wo Team Win Kry Gi?
Agr Han To Ktni Wkt Sy?
Agar Hary To Ktny Runs Sy?
(Challenge 4 Cricket Lovers).
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